Conference Theme

The primary objective of the " Tracer " conferences remains to present the current status and trends on tracing methods and their applications. It is opportunity for attendees from different fields to exchange scientific information and knowledge about tracer methodology and applications in one field that may also be applied, with modifications, in another field.

The target participants are scientists, engineers and technologists in various areas of research and industry: chemistry and chemical engineering; metallurgy; environ mental aspects; air and water quality; pollutant transport in soils, aquifers, rivers and the atmosphere; bio-engineering and food engineering; pharmacy and medicine; petroleum industry etc.

Both fundamental aspects and industrial applications are planned to be covered. Advances in various fields will be high-lighted as shown below in development and applications section.

Development and applications

  • New tracers (including radiotracers, chemical tracers, isotopic ratios, nanoparticles etc.) 
  • Detection techniques and equipment (online, offline, scanning, camera, tomography, particle tracking, etc.) 
  • Reactive tracer experiments and interpretation 
  • Validation of computational f1uid dynamics (CFD) simulations by tracer experiments 
  • Numerical residence time distribution (RTD) 
  • Data treatment and modeling
  • Macro and micro-mixing
  • Pure science experiments 
  • Industrial process equipment 
  • Oil field evaluations and production 
  • Energy production
  • Tracer methods (new methods and applications) 
  • Geology, hydrogeology and soils remediation
  • Environment
  • Food and biological engineering
  • Mineral and metallurgy processes 
  • Pharmaceutical and medical examinations

Scientific and organizing committees

  • A permanent scientific committee actually composed of 6 persons.
              -   The representative of IAEA.
              -   The initiator of the tracer conferences
              -   A representative of each continent
  • Scientific honoree members. They are nominated by the permanent committee for theirs great value contribution to the tracer conferences
  • An international scientific committee. This committee may be different from one conference to another one even if some personalities remain present since the first even. A large part of this committee is composed of local scientist of the host country. Its composition is under the responsibility of the chairman of the host country assisted by the permanent scientific committee.
  • Local organizing committee and its composition are arranged by the chairman of the host country.

Previous events

The first conference on "Tracers and tracing methods" was arranged in Nancy, France, in November 1998 as a national French event. The main organizer was former Laboratoire des Sciences du Genie Chimique, (LSGC, UPR CNRS 6811) that became in 2010 Laboratoire Réaction et Génie des Procédés (LRGP, UPR 3349).

The second conference on the same subject was organized as an international event, also in Nancy and by the same main organizer as the first conference. It took place in May 2001.

The third conference briefly called "Tracer 3", moved outside France to the small holyday resort city of Ciechocinek in Poland and was arranged in June 2004. The main organizer was Warsaw University of Technology.

The fourth conference with the nickname "Tracer 4" moved back to France to the small village of Autrans and was arranged in October 2006. The main organizer was Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique, CEA, Grenoble.

The fifth conference, "Tracer 5" moved outside Europe to the cultural heritage village of Tiradentes in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil, and was arranged in October 2008. The main organizer was Centro de Desenvolvimento da Technologia Nuclear, CDTN, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

The sixth conference, "Tracer 6" moved back in the north of the all continent to Oslo, the beautiful capital of Norway, and was organized in June 2011 by the Institut For Energy technology (IFE).

Next conference

Welcome to Marrakech
for the

Tracer 7 Conference

(the 7th International Conference on Tracers and Tracing Methods)

Tracer technologies to the benefit of better future

from 13 to 15 October 2014.

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